Progress Through Knowledge Engineering

Covaris is not your average company, we’re an energetic and dynamic engineering, data science, and education powerhouse, founded in 2000 to revolutionise asset management. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their corporate strategic goals and empower individuals to boost their knowledge and performance in their respective roles.

We’re passionate about transforming businesses’ asset management approach and unlocking real value. Our relentless focus on cutting-edge research and technology helps us deliver effective solutions to our clients across a diverse range of industries, both nationally and internationally.

As Asset Management experts, we’re here to guide, advise, and enable you! With our extensive experience and broad knowledge, we’ll help you reach optimal practice while educating and training your team in Asset Management. Together, we’ll unlock the full potential of your assets and drive success for your business!


Leading Edge Thinking for Practical Asset Management Success

We’re here to collaboratively create and implement tailored asset management strategies and systems to help you effortlessly achieve your business objectives. With our decades of expertise, innovation, and practical thinking, we ensure tangible results beyond the status quo.

Our knowledge is derived from a variety of sources:

  • People: Our team of experts has over 150 years of combined experience in asset management, so you can trust that we know all areas of asset management inside and out.
  • Projects: We’ve worked with a diverse range of industries, allowing us to develop tailored solutions using agile thinking to address specific problems or objectives.
  • Research: We conduct asset management research and share our insights through global academic journals, publications, and conferences. Our world-leading technology in data analysis, maintenance, and reliability positions us at the forefront of our field.
  • Global: We actively participate in industry bodies and standards committees to enhance asset management practices and translate guidelines into practical solutions for our clients.


Tailored Solutions for Your Success

Our extensive experience is the key to unlocking the benefits that good asset management can bring to your business. With hundreds of projects successfully completed, we have the credibility and expertise to help you navigate any challenges and achieve measurable outcomes within an acceptable time frame.

Our experience enables us to deliver projects on schedule and provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs. By partnering with Covaris, you can be confident that your project will be free of surprises and that we’ll deliver the results you need to take your business to the next level.


Driving Asset Reliability & Business Improvement, Globally

Our passion for innovation and technology is the driving force behind unlocking immense efficiency, capability, and value for your business.

Whether it’s improving your existing approach, selecting and implementing an off-the-shelf product, or developing our own technology to deliver new capabilities and solve complex problems, we provide innovative solutions that deliver the right outcomes for you.

Our Watchfire™ analytics technology is a game-changer in asset data analytics and prognostics, utilising our deep engineering knowledge and artificial intelligence to identify risks and deliver actionable improvements, driving asset reliability and business improvement across the world.

Along with our leading-edge mobile and web-based technology, we enable risk-based asset investment planning, optimised maintenance strategy, reliability engineering and condition monitoring. Our commitment to technology development and innovative solutions is the key to unlocking the full potential of your assets.

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Empowering You for Success

Covaris is the go-to expert in asset management education and training in Australia, with over 20 years of experience. Our practical training courses are designed to translate proven best practices into tangible results for our clients.

We offer a variety of courses, including face-to-face training across Australia and New Zealand, as well as online courses and materials so that individuals and organisations can access our expertise no matter where they are. Our goal is to empower both individuals and businesses to increase their knowledge and capability, setting them up for success in their specific industry.

As change managers and business transformation experts, we understand the nuances of implementing and sustaining change for long-term success. That’s why we develop tailored training and communication materials for our clients, and can even implement our own Learning Management System or integrate with their existing system.